RAM Power Project's in Congo

26 Gennaio 2019

RAM Power Congo's scope is related to expand the existing CEC power station upgrading from 300 MWe up to 450 MWe with an additional 150 MWe Open Cycle power generation train.

Power shall be generated by one power train consisting of one Gas Turbine (GT) package of 150 MWe nominal site power output, equipped with a by-pass stack and relevant damper. The electrical power produced shall be dispatched to the Electric National Grid.

The “Central Electrique Congolese” is located in the Republic Congo, about 12km south of Pointe Noire city and 4 km North – West of city of Djeno. The original plant configuration, entered into commercial operation in 2010, consists in two heavy duty Gas Turbines (E-class) Ansaldo AE94.2 in open cycle configuration for a total capacity of 300 MWe.